DANIEL LANDRY  for   Supervisor District -5 

Meet Daniel:

Daniel was born and raised in the Fillmore/Western Addition of District 5 where he still resides today and has lived for now 51 years. As an activist and advocate for 25 of those years, Daniel has been on the frontline  fighting for justice, equality, and the opportunity for all San Franciscans.  In the 1970s and throughout the 80s, Daniel's family experienced extream hardship as they faced firsthand the SF Redevelopment agency urban removal and displacement project.  Daniel's mother who was a signal parent with three children was living in bad condition  quickly turned in to a worst condition of poverty, by the early 1980s,  

For example, by 1976 Daniel's family had lived at six different address locations within district five neighborhood community.  Below is just some of Daniel experiences and involvement over the years:

    -  Founded the SF CATS ACADEMY, INC.

    -  A former member of the Restoration Advisory Board  (RAB)

    -  Co-founder of the Lower Fillmore Neighborhood Asso.

    -  Member of SF Planning Dept.'s Taskforce African American-

        Historic Context Statement

    -  Chaired the WA Community Policing Relation Board 

    -  Coordinator of D5 for NERT / SF Fire Department in 2007

    -  Co-founder of the New Community Leadership Foundation 

    -  President of Board MLK-MG Cooperative Homes, Inc.

    -  Helped craft Prop. F  50% Affordable Housing in 2008

    -  Worte the 10-Point Community Benefits Plan  for the 

        Fillmore Heritage Center in 2016.

    -  Member of Justice for Mario Woods Coalition in 2016

    -  Member of 'SLAM" Stop Lennar Action Movement

As a young man growing in San Francisco Daniel failed the victim to get in a lot of problems as a teenager which lead him to incarceration and involved in gangs.  Daniel would eventually regain his integrity and all of the past offensives would be dismissed by the Superior Court State of California under SF Public Defenders Jeff Adachi's Clean Slate Program.

Since 1993, Daniel has committed himself to be a "Change-Agent' and a clear example of making a difference in the very city of San Francisco,  where you see the grab between the rich and poor, the have's and the have not's reach all times high.